- Jennison For Your Information is all about fulfilling your IT data, security, compliance, and risk management needs.

United States (EN) - Jennison For Your Information is all about fulfilling your IT data, security, compliance, risk, and project management needs.
"When effective data and security management is

  on your horizon, experience makes the difference."
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We Deliver Global Reach           Data and Security  Management Solutions

Managed Information Technology in Your
and Security Management Landscape
Data and Security Management Support for an IT Organization
of Your Size
Risk Management, Compliance Assurance, Data and Security Management Solutions for Aerospace, Cloud, Education, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Law/Legal Industries, Non-Profit, Public Safety, Religious, Technology, Tribal, and Emerging Market Organizations.
Compliance Assurance, 
Risk  Management, 
Data and Security Management
Whether your data is presented through a series of dashboards, uniquely mapped for presentation, mobile facilitated for quick referral, or survey analyzed – each deliverable requires an alignment of your information to effectively capture how your secure data is presented with a business value statement.
Providing effective data management plus security and assuring your information is an ongoing process. Your organization's information assurance policy is an instantiation of a living organizational data and security management strategy. We help to empower your management to establish and maintain your organization's IT risk management, compliance assurance, data and security management strategy going forward.  

Over Thirty Years of Experience

Seasoned by experience, broadened by thought
leadership and fluid by scaling to your enterprise
project requirements, we deliver:

> Business Intelligence, Data Mart,
    Data Warehouse, and Security
    Management Services,

​> Database plus Security Modeling 
    and Management Solutions,

> IT Infrastructure Security Modeling,

> Project Management of Data and
​    Security Management Frameworks.
"Chosen for our communicate first teaming

  expertise, unparalleled business value,

  attention to client details, and an

  understanding of how to fulfill when 

  a client project scope changes in an ever

  changing world of information technology."
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